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Here comes our Fall Sampler!

Hi Folks,

Yikes, what a summer! Shannon, who we had hired in June to work our storefront, has gone back to the food service industry, which was her pre-Covid profession. Flo went to Wyoming for the summer, but came back after a few weeks because of her husband’s health issues. So she filled in for Shannon, who was filling in for her!

My knee surgery did not accomplish much. The little girl from Ukraine had her heart surgery, which went well. She is now back home and able to dance with her friends as she had always wished! The Gift of Life Gala fundraiser was an amazing success. Since then, we have helped children with heart procedures in Bolivia, Uganda, Kosovo, The Philippines, Dominican Republic, India, Pakistan, and Lebanon. We were able to accomplish this by sending medical teams to those areas.

Our granddaughters came for their annual visit at the end of June, and they got to play with Polina after her surgery. Sailing lessons went well, and three of them threatened to come back next year! Jenna, the oldest, says she will get a summer job instead. Working at Millers Mint is not satisfactory!?

Business has been brisk. We are lucky because, being established for over 55 years, collections and all kind of deals just keep coming our way. This sampler is just a smattering of new items. I hope to get another list out before Christmas and in fact have already written up a new group.

This Friday we will head down to Florida to work on more hurricane remediation. This will be our third trip down for repairs since Hurricane Ian devastated the area. After Florida, we head to a quick dinner visit with the Granddaughters and the Tennessee State Show. Back to New York for a long week, and then back to Tennessee for a short Thanksgiving Week. Then New York for two week before another Florida visit, ending with a stop at the Collectorama show before settling in for the Christmas holidays.

Happy Collecting
Joan, Harry, Debbie, Flo, Joe J, Joe M , Matt, Samantha, Mary, Pete, Tony, Roseanne, and Joshua


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