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Check out the December 2021 Sampler!

Hi Folks,

Our latest Sampler is HERE! It’s hard to believe it’s almost Christmas! This list was almost done in early July, but we were so busy with bullion and the marketing companies that we supply I was afraid to have it printed. That was because we just don’t have the manpower (mostly woman power) to handle the orders properly. We know you don’t appreciate poor service, and we are appalled when it happens.

We are still shorthanded here, but at least Flo is back from her summer sabbatical. So that makes a big difference.

Our website continues to grow with lots of pictures added by the Tennessee boys. Shows have been incredibly active even though we bring less material because of weight restrictions, and we buy large amounts of promo coins to carry or ship back. In fact, at the recent Chattanooga show (TSNS), we had to rent an SUV and drive it all back to NY. Approximately 2,000 pounds that was just too much for the Maryville Office guys to ship!

So, we have accumulated some nice collector coins and some pretty scarce items for your interest in this list. There is a better than normal selection of currency, both world and USA. Our gold and silver dollars are loaded with scarce items and there is a broad selection of Half Cents to Half Dollars. Plus, 3 pages of world coins, including a little bit of everything, and one lonely Ancient Roman. We had others but they sold in our store before I could get to the listing.

My crystal ball is broken, but it seems to be that silver bullion is awfully cheap compared to gold, with a current ratio of about 80 to 1. Many will tell you that the long-term ratio up until the turn of the century was 16 to 1. I doubt we will ever see that again, but the more realistic ratio of 40 or 50 to 1 is quite possible if this financial world ever gets back to normalcy.

Anyhow, it looks like there will be no special Christmas list this year, but I do expect a January Sampler. So let me wish you all an early but very Merry Christmas and Great Blessing in the New Year!

Happy Collecting!
Joan, Harry, Debbie, Flo, Joe J, Joe M, Matt, Samantha, Mary, Amanda, Pete and Joshua


Our Spring Sampler is here!

Hi Folks,

Here is our latest Sampler, for those of you who do not know it, this is a list of all new material that we have obtained since our last Sampler. So everything is new! You may want to take a look at our website. Our crew in Maryville Tenn. has added over 10,000 photo’s (5,000 coins) in the last several months. We are only half way there on photo’s but we think you will find some winners.

Anyway, all is well here on Long Island, spring has sprung! And so has the coin market! If you haven’t paid attention the market has been moving strongly and every day I am asked is it too late, am I already paying too much? Well quite frankly I broke my crystal ball when I bounced it down the basement steps at age 3.5. However, I can tell you some of what is going on now. We deal in Rare coins… key word Rare. Now for many years collector interest was often dormant after the peak of the Statehood Quarter Boom. But with the pandemic creating a lot of excess free time and government loose monetary policy, interest has picked up substantially. If you consider the word Rare as used above, older coins are rare. The average person does not have any. This does not include modern made for collector’s mint issues, that is another roller coaster ride.

We are currently paying more for most common Morgan and Peace Dollars then we were selling them for 6 months ago. Carson City Morgan’s are up over 40% since November. Silver eagles are up in premium 75%. Most silver and gold bullion related coins/bars are double the previously normal premium. Common Barber coinage in the lower grades is up 20%. Scarcer common date $20 gold that used to have a 5% premium now are closer to 20% if you can find them.

So, from my broken crystal ball. BU CC $ now $325 going to $400 this year. MS63 Morgan’s now $60+ going to $75/80. 1921 Peace (anniversary issue) now $135 VG-F going to $200. Circulated Franklin’s, Walkers and Barber Halves going from $10-$15 to $15-20. The only thing to stop this is a severe economic downturn. But can that happen with our government printing Billions of Dollars to fix the economy? Of course our politicians fail to understand “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke”!

In sadder news, though, I am sorry to say Delia has left the company, she had an opportunity much closer to home.

Happy Collecting!
Joan, Harry, Debbie, Flo, Joe J, Joe M, Matt, Samantha, Mary, Steve and Joshua


Our New Sampler! (March 2021)

Good Morning America!

Make sure to check out our new Sampler!

Well, a few days ago I spent two days at the Collectorama show. I was there for dealer setup and the first day of the show. To say the action was brisk, would be an understatement! Anyone with fresh new material was swamped and those with a deep inventory no longer have such an inventory. I found myself buying many coins for prices that I sold them for just a month ago. Much of that is because of the insatiable demand for physical silver and gold coins. Some of you are aware that we do a large wholesale business with various marketing companies both here and overseas. Well, it is not unusual for us to sell an item like a 1982-S GW Proof half dollar for over retail. Retail $12.95 just sold 200 @ $13.50 to a European dealer. The reason is a double-edged sword. First, my heart is in our collector market. But, as a businessman with lots of responsibilities we feed the giant marketing monster that is promotional business. You ask how can we get over retail? Well, because we have the needed quantity from one source. In today’s world, it is labor intensive to find needed coins, and that is expensive.

I mentioned physical silver/gold above. This is versus paper product represented by funds, ETFs, and commodity contracts plus depository receipts. Currently there is a great disparity between those and physical metal in bars, coins, and medallions. The premium for simple straightforward coin bullion is 2-3 times what we used to consider normal. Many questions; is that real? The simple answer is the adage “a bird in the hand is worth two in a bush”. Simply because who knows if all the metal promised on paper is actually there? Look at the current premiums, up because the mints and refineries cannot deliver against current demand. If you read the fine print, those paper metal obligations can, in most cases, be legally settled as $$$ and not actual metal. Some blame it on Covid-19.

Fortunately, we have been incredibly busy, thank you! Unfortunately, we have had many logistical foul ups because of winter storm closings, Covid issues and several other physical issues. So, orders and call backs have lagged. This is not intentional… just life getting in the way of progress.

Thanks again, and Happy Collecting! Here’s our new Sampler!



Only through January 15, 2021. Please note that discounts will NOT be reflected in your web cart, and will instead be adjusted by our wonderful staff. Please don’t hesitate to email or call if you have questions about what your final discount will be.

Discounts up to 33%!!!

  • 10% discount on all items, except Gold coins and Key date coins such as 1877, 1908-S, 1909-S, 1914-D, 1931-S, Doubled Die Cents; 1885-86, 1912-S, 1913-D & S Nickels etc.
  • THESE EXCEPTIONS ONLY GET 5% OFF. If not sure, assume 5% and we will provide more discounting wherever possible.
  • AN ADDITIONAL 10% (for a total discount of 20%) will be taken off all items priced below $20.00
  • Purchase 20 or more items priced below $20.00, and you will receive a 33% discount on those items.
  • EXCEPTIONNO ITEM WILL BE SOLD BELOW its MELT VALUE. If the item is below melt value, we will adjust the price to the exact melt value at the time your order is processed (plus 3% if paid by debit/charge card)
  • If you don’t see what you’re looking for online, also check our print catalog and call or email us with your order.


Our New Catalog!!

Hi Folks,
Well, here we are quickly heading for the New Year. Wow! What a ride this year has been! It continually reminds me of that Ancient Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times”. Here at Millers Mint we have been very busy and remaining safe, even though we remained open by appointment. Last time, I mentioned the need for additional help. Joshua read it and responded; he starts here today! A few months ago, while at physical therapy (cervical spine issues) I met Mary, who had recently moved back to Long Island. She had inventory experience in the shoe industry. I decided she was a “shoe in” for coin inventory control! So, we are now back up to full staff. Oh, and Flo is back from her annual summer sabbatical in Wyoming, when we always miss her. Matt the Rat just dragged back a literal truck load of mint product from a dealer a few 100 miles away. And Debbie proudly now owns a new home!! Last year’s note about Catalogs and Samplers mentioned some grand plans. Well, because of Covid that went to “hell in a handbasket”! New plan… just keep Truckin’.

Tim and Rachel (Spirit IronWorks Inc.) received the “Stanford White Award” for – “Federal Style Ironwork on Lower East Side: A Loving Restoration”. Christina came down with Covid along with Mark and our 4 Granddaughters. We expected that would happen since they are both doctors and he is ER. They have all come through it ok, but we have not seen them for many months. A day after Christmas we fly out to Nashville for 4 days, then back to Long Island for our Grandson Kieran’s Birthday until we head to Florida on January 3rd. I will be there for 6-12 weeks depending on what happens with the various coin shows. FUN is already cancelled. Speaking of shows, we have missed many, but the upside has been no big dinners and more regular exercise. My “Coin Dealer Belly” is gone, tipping the scale at 18lbs less. Joan wants me to remind you that our website has now become more customer friendly. We are now adding a few hundred photos every week and expect that to continue. This is being accomplished by our Joe & Joe team in Maryville TN.

This year has been interesting for the coin market with many dragging out their collections and recharging the collecting bug. This has caused many supplies of coins thought of as ordinary to dry up and cancelled shows certainly do not help. Unfortunately, many who were caught short by Covid have had to make the difficult choice to liquidate so there have been some nice collections available to those of us with the ability to hang in there. Take care and see you all with a Sampler in mid-January.

So, we wish you all a wonderful Christmas Season and a happy, healthy and blessed New Year!


Our new Sampler! And Free Shipping until October 31st!

Hi folks,
Did you miss us?

Oh, first things first… We’re having a Back to School/Back to Business Special: free standard shipping until October 31st!!

In 52 years, this is the first time we have gone without a new Sampler or catalog for as long as 5 months! Ironically while some of that has been replaced by online business, we have been extremely busy with bullion business on an appointment only basis. We have also purchased several large collections and are supplying many bulk items for promotions. We have become one of the major marketers of modern US commemorative coins, with customers around the world. So as our society evolves so does business. I do miss the ‘good ole days’.

In our Patchogue store front (open only by appointment) we have moved counters forward, added another big safe and put new LED lighting throughout the store and offices. Susan has stuck to retirement and Delia (pronounced dahlia like the flower) has joined our staff helping with front office and shipping. We are still in need of an inventory clerk/manager since Susan often wore that hat, as well. Flo gets back from her extended summer hiatus in Wyoming tomorrow which was obviously extended because of Covid and the presidential debate. Only kidding about the debate!

However, the big news is that we have finally finished the updating of our website and so far, it is running smoothly. Coinciding with the upgrade we did a total inventory and Debbie corrected the 100’s of inventory errors caused by the old programs. Along the way we discovered several 100 coins that were in limbo (not listed anywhere) and which are being recycled through this Sampler and the next. That actual inventory took Debbie, assisted by 3 people, almost a month, followed by several weeks of price and description updates that were entered by Debbie.

The spring and summer have been good. By not traveling, with the normal additional caloric intake absent, I have now lost 17 pounds. We had a nice family visit in Florida during mid-June and Jenna (now 14) returned to NY with Joan and I for her annual 4-week sailing course. The others went home to be with Opal (their doodle… a dog for those of you who, like me, are undomesticated) who they missed immensely.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s Sampler #320!


COVID Update

Hi Folks!

Some big changes are coming!  With the Covid-19 Pandemic creating some significant disruptions over the last few months, we’ve used some of that time to start to overhaul operations here at MM. It’s been quite a challenge, as last month the software provider we have used for several years stopped support for the program we use. So, several months ago, we began a migration to another more user-friendly platform and newer up to date accounting/invoicing in order to improve our ability to stay on top of inventory, and to bring products online more seamlessly. For months, we’ve had ongoing problems with inventory management since the number of different items we handle (over 30,000) is greater than the capacity of most available inventory/accounting programs. Moving to the new accounting system, it took over two months to get the first successful inventory upload! We are now in the process of doing a physical inventory to correct many errors that were caused during this transition. We are by no means done; it is a slow grinding process.

Realistically we expect to be running smoothly by summers end, hopefully sooner. What you should expect currently is that no orders are totally automatic and must be verified by email or phone. We appreciate your patience and understanding. We realize it can be frustrating and believe me we are at wits end trying to fix this situation.

Reopening Protocol

We have been functioning during this Covid 19 Pandemic with a skeleton staff and some working from home. Ironically, we have been busier than ever with both Bullion (yes, we have live Gold & Silver) and numismatic sales. We are allowing customers on premises by appointment only with strict social distancing and masks only. One person at a time strictly adhered too. Unfortunately for the safety of both our customers and staff we cannot allow browsing. You must call in your wants and we will have them ready at the appointed time for a prompt review. Mail, phone and email orders are usually processed same day, Monday thru Friday.  We expect to continue this current policy well into the fall, at least until there is a reliable medical protocol available for everybody’s safety.

We wish you all good health…  and, as always, thanks so much for your patience through all of this.

Sampler #319

Well taking up after my last diatribe, we finished the TSNS show and went home planning to enjoy the two-week break and catch up before the Baltimore show. Then another two-week break before Easter with family in Florida. You have probably guessed everything got shutdown and we have been catching up for the last 6 weeks which will probably become 12 to 16 weeks.

That said, it didn’t stop us from releasing our most recent Sampler, which includes over 2000 items… especially in our US Coins selection, which contains many difficult to locate items.


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