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Well taking up after my last diatribe, we finished the TSNS show and went home planning to enjoy the two-week break and catch up before the Baltimore show. Then another two-week break before Easter with family in Florida. You have probably guessed everything got shutdown and we have been catching up for the last 6 weeks which will probably become 12 to 16 weeks. I try not to be political when I write this note but I GOTTA say; our wonderful Governor Andrew Cuomo and NY City’s Mayor have been giving wonderful daily updates and Cuomo is sounding very Presidential while Trump fumbles and finds it hard to make himself properly understood yet trying to present a positive front. Well just remember for comparison purposes the well-spoken NY politicians waited 5 days longer to shutdown the City and State than their counterparts in California did, as reported in the NY TIMES. Look at the results, their hesitation and financial kowtowing to big business and unions has led to more than 5 times the deaths in NY than in California.

So far, our staff and their families are well. Joan and I are working but the shop is closed except for mail and limited phone service. The Tennessee boys are breaking down collections from their isolated offices. Debbie and Flo are working from home with an occasional visit to exchange finished for unfinished work. Matt is manning the deck since he also has a security guard license from a past position. Steve consults from home and Donna is home with her two boys. Susan has retired a few months early but may be back to help train a replacement.

Easter for us will be some phone facetime with the family, instead of Church and a big family dinner. Good news is, without shows and traveling I’ve lost 5 lbs.

Having time to catch up has allowed the time to get this list done quicker with lots of interesting material. You will see the largest selection of world crowns we have ever had which will be followed up with more next time. We also have our largest offering of Confederate currency ever and a pretty good USA currency section too. Our US Coins selection is better than usual with many difficult to locate items. And more next time!

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