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Hope you missed us!  We are on our way back East from the Long Beach Expo, which was a very busy show. I am editing this at our daughter's home in Nashville.  Becky (who is 7) got home from school a little while ago and is howling over missing chocolate!  Emily (9) is rearranging her room and switching the pillow end of her bed. Everything is very neat. Cara (11) is laying in bed doing her homework on her laptop. Jenna has her room set up like an office and is at her desk facing the door doing Spanish homework. Her desk is messier than mine, if that's possible! It is a lucky thing we stopped here. I have been dealing with an ear infection since Christmas. Several doses of antibiotics haven't done the trick. Both Christina (anethesiologist) and Mark (ER) are doctors. They looked in my ear Sunday, and Monday morning I was on my way for outpatient surgery. It's nice to have connections! All I can say is, now I know how torture works in movies. There was no anesthesia for me because it would be complicated with my leaky heart valve. Poking and sucking inside your ear...  I would have confessed my mother's underwear size to get it over with!!

Tomorrow morning, we drive to Atlanta for the Winter ANA Show, which should be interesting right on the heels of Long Beach. It did affect dealer attendance for sure in LB, and one can only wonder how it will affect ANA Atlanta? Perhaps of even greater concern is the TSNS show in Chattanooga the following week, on top of ANA 100 miles away. Since I must return for the ENT doctor follow-up, I will be at TSNS Thursday and Friday...  not sure about Saturday.

Anyway, please check out the new Sampler! This list contains perhaps the strongest selection of new items we have ever had... certainly in recent years. We thank you for a great response to our last Catalog!

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