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Come and check out our new March 2019 Sampler!

In this Sampler, you'll find a nice selection of modern certified Silver Eagles, and a very Historic Early American (Dutch) Dollar. We managed to obtain 300+ of these. Local dealers have been buying them by the handful from us. There is also some really scarce US gold, including four Carson City issues, and the only 'O' mint $5 Indian. Add to that a nice selection of Barber material (especially strong in 1/2$), very scarce early half and large cents, high grade and key Indian cents, better date Standing Liberty 1⁄4$, rare early high grade W.L. 1⁄2$, Confederate 1⁄2$, Japanese Samurai coinage and a nice selection of affordable World Bank Notes/coins. For the investor/collector, there's even a silver BU roll set of Roosevelt Dimes. Haven't seen one of those in more than 20 years!

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