The Spring/Summer Sampler is HERE!

Hi Folks,

So here we are in the middle of spring with summer fast approaching! Our last Sampler was highly successful, and we are thankful. We have added a new member to our staff, Shannon, who will be attending to our storefront which is open 4 days a week. Our storefront is closed on the ‘T’ days and Sundays. ‘T’ days are not Today and Tomorrow! Although we do accommodate appointments on those days for special needs. Flo will be leaving in early June for their annual Wyoming sabbatical and hopefully will return part time in the fall.

Actually, the way life has been lately it will be nice if we are all here in the fall. I very recently had to take care of final arrangements for my brother whose care Joan and I have managed for the past 10 years. Dealer friend Phil Darby (a super nice guy) lost his son. Richard Lecce, son of old time Dealer friend Robert Lecce, passed away earlier this week, and three other older friends all passed in the last three weeks.

All the above, including knee surgery last Thursday, inhibited my ambitions to finish this list. Life is funny. When you get to the point in life where you have achieved what you set out to do, that idiot “Murphy” gets in the way of the enjoyment!

So, looking forward we are going to have a busy summer. Right now, I am working on the Gift of Life Long Island Gala on June 15. That is our annual fundraiser. sponsored and run by local Rotarians. After 30+ years as Treasurer I am now bringing an 8-year-old girl from Ukraine here for a procedure at St Francis Hospital very soon. We are working on an emergency visa through Poland to NY. All donations are tax deductible, and all assistance is volunteer. Only airfare and a small mandatory hospital fee of $6,000 is paid.

After that, three granddaughters arrive June 26th, followed by their mom, another granddaughter, and Aninha (their Au Pair). Then two weeks later a “friend who is a boy” for a week. I have been instructed; he is not a boyfriend! This fiasco ends late in July, and we reorganize and head to Chicago and the ANA Show for a week of coins and overeating. Then it will be the BRNS show in Dalton GA. After that “North to Alaska” for a bucket list trip!

Oh yeah, take a look at all the neat coins listed. Joan thinks I am nuts for writing all this stuff! Do not tell her I agree.

Happy Collecting!
Joan, Harry, Debbie, Flo, Joe J., Joe M., Matt, Samantha, Mary, Amanda, Pete, Tony, Shannon and Joshua



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