Our Spring Sampler is here!

Hi Folks,

Here is our latest Sampler, for those of you who do not know it, this is a list of all new material that we have obtained since our last Sampler. So everything is new! You may want to take a look at our website. Our crew in Maryville Tenn. has added over 10,000 photo’s (5,000 coins) in the last several months. We are only half way there on photo’s but we think you will find some winners.

Anyway, all is well here on Long Island, spring has sprung! And so has the coin market! If you haven’t paid attention the market has been moving strongly and every day I am asked is it too late, am I already paying too much? Well quite frankly I broke my crystal ball when I bounced it down the basement steps at age 3.5. However, I can tell you some of what is going on now. We deal in Rare coins… key word Rare. Now for many years collector interest was often dormant after the peak of the Statehood Quarter Boom. But with the pandemic creating a lot of excess free time and government loose monetary policy, interest has picked up substantially. If you consider the word Rare as used above, older coins are rare. The average person does not have any. This does not include modern made for collector’s mint issues, that is another roller coaster ride.

We are currently paying more for most common Morgan and Peace Dollars then we were selling them for 6 months ago. Carson City Morgan’s are up over 40% since November. Silver eagles are up in premium 75%. Most silver and gold bullion related coins/bars are double the previously normal premium. Common Barber coinage in the lower grades is up 20%. Scarcer common date $20 gold that used to have a 5% premium now are closer to 20% if you can find them.

So, from my broken crystal ball. BU CC $ now $325 going to $400 this year. MS63 Morgan’s now $60+ going to $75/80. 1921 Peace (anniversary issue) now $135 VG-F going to $200. Circulated Franklin’s, Walkers and Barber Halves going from $10-$15 to $15-20. The only thing to stop this is a severe economic downturn. But can that happen with our government printing Billions of Dollars to fix the economy? Of course our politicians fail to understand “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke”!

In sadder news, though, I am sorry to say Delia has left the company, she had an opportunity much closer to home.

Happy Collecting!
Joan, Harry, Debbie, Flo, Joe J, Joe M, Matt, Samantha, Mary, Steve and Joshua



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