Our New Sampler! (March 2021)

Good Morning America!

Make sure to check out our new Sampler!

Well, a few days ago I spent two days at the Collectorama show. I was there for dealer setup and the first day of the show. To say the action was brisk, would be an understatement! Anyone with fresh new material was swamped and those with a deep inventory no longer have such an inventory. I found myself buying many coins for prices that I sold them for just a month ago. Much of that is because of the insatiable demand for physical silver and gold coins. Some of you are aware that we do a large wholesale business with various marketing companies both here and overseas. Well, it is not unusual for us to sell an item like a 1982-S GW Proof half dollar for over retail. Retail $12.95 just sold 200 @ $13.50 to a European dealer. The reason is a double-edged sword. First, my heart is in our collector market. But, as a businessman with lots of responsibilities we feed the giant marketing monster that is promotional business. You ask how can we get over retail? Well, because we have the needed quantity from one source. In today’s world, it is labor intensive to find needed coins, and that is expensive.

I mentioned physical silver/gold above. This is versus paper product represented by funds, ETFs, and commodity contracts plus depository receipts. Currently there is a great disparity between those and physical metal in bars, coins, and medallions. The premium for simple straightforward coin bullion is 2-3 times what we used to consider normal. Many questions; is that real? The simple answer is the adage “a bird in the hand is worth two in a bush”. Simply because who knows if all the metal promised on paper is actually there? Look at the current premiums, up because the mints and refineries cannot deliver against current demand. If you read the fine print, those paper metal obligations can, in most cases, be legally settled as $$$ and not actual metal. Some blame it on Covid-19.

Fortunately, we have been incredibly busy, thank you! Unfortunately, we have had many logistical foul ups because of winter storm closings, Covid issues and several other physical issues. So, orders and call backs have lagged. This is not intentional… just life getting in the way of progress.

Thanks again, and Happy Collecting! Here’s our new Sampler!



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