Our new Sampler! And Free Shipping until October 31st!

Hi folks,
Did you miss us?

Oh, first things first… We’re having a Back to School/Back to Business Special: free standard shipping until October 31st!!

In 52 years, this is the first time we have gone without a new Sampler or catalog for as long as 5 months! Ironically while some of that has been replaced by online business, we have been extremely busy with bullion business on an appointment only basis. We have also purchased several large collections and are supplying many bulk items for promotions. We have become one of the major marketers of modern US commemorative coins, with customers around the world. So as our society evolves so does business. I do miss the ‘good ole days’.

In our Patchogue store front (open only by appointment) we have moved counters forward, added another big safe and put new LED lighting throughout the store and offices. Susan has stuck to retirement and Delia (pronounced dahlia like the flower) has joined our staff helping with front office and shipping. We are still in need of an inventory clerk/manager since Susan often wore that hat, as well. Flo gets back from her extended summer hiatus in Wyoming tomorrow which was obviously extended because of Covid and the presidential debate. Only kidding about the debate!

However, the big news is that we have finally finished the updating of our website and so far, it is running smoothly. Coinciding with the upgrade we did a total inventory and Debbie corrected the 100’s of inventory errors caused by the old programs. Along the way we discovered several 100 coins that were in limbo (not listed anywhere) and which are being recycled through this Sampler and the next. That actual inventory took Debbie, assisted by 3 people, almost a month, followed by several weeks of price and description updates that were entered by Debbie.

The spring and summer have been good. By not traveling, with the normal additional caloric intake absent, I have now lost 17 pounds. We had a nice family visit in Florida during mid-June and Jenna (now 14) returned to NY with Joan and I for her annual 4-week sailing course. The others went home to be with Opal (their doodle… a dog for those of you who, like me, are undomesticated) who they missed immensely.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s Sampler #320!



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