Our New Catalog!!

Hi Folks,
Well, here we are quickly heading for the New Year. Wow! What a ride this year has been! It continually reminds me of that Ancient Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times”. Here at Millers Mint we have been very busy and remaining safe, even though we remained open by appointment. Last time, I mentioned the need for additional help. Joshua read it and responded; he starts here today! A few months ago, while at physical therapy (cervical spine issues) I met Mary, who had recently moved back to Long Island. She had inventory experience in the shoe industry. I decided she was a “shoe in” for coin inventory control! So, we are now back up to full staff. Oh, and Flo is back from her annual summer sabbatical in Wyoming, when we always miss her. Matt the Rat just dragged back a literal truck load of mint product from a dealer a few 100 miles away. And Debbie proudly now owns a new home!! Last year’s note about Catalogs and Samplers mentioned some grand plans. Well, because of Covid that went to “hell in a handbasket”! New plan… just keep Truckin’.

Tim and Rachel (Spirit IronWorks Inc.) received the “Stanford White Award” for – “Federal Style Ironwork on Lower East Side: A Loving Restoration”. Christina came down with Covid along with Mark and our 4 Granddaughters. We expected that would happen since they are both doctors and he is ER. They have all come through it ok, but we have not seen them for many months. A day after Christmas we fly out to Nashville for 4 days, then back to Long Island for our Grandson Kieran’s Birthday until we head to Florida on January 3rd. I will be there for 6-12 weeks depending on what happens with the various coin shows. FUN is already cancelled. Speaking of shows, we have missed many, but the upside has been no big dinners and more regular exercise. My “Coin Dealer Belly” is gone, tipping the scale at 18lbs less. Joan wants me to remind you that our website has now become more customer friendly. We are now adding a few hundred photos every week and expect that to continue. This is being accomplished by our Joe & Joe team in Maryville TN.

This year has been interesting for the coin market with many dragging out their collections and recharging the collecting bug. This has caused many supplies of coins thought of as ordinary to dry up and cancelled shows certainly do not help. Unfortunately, many who were caught short by Covid have had to make the difficult choice to liquidate so there have been some nice collections available to those of us with the ability to hang in there. Take care and see you all with a Sampler in mid-January.

So, we wish you all a wonderful Christmas Season and a happy, healthy and blessed New Year!



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