Check out the December 2021 Sampler!

Hi Folks,

Our latest Sampler is HERE! It’s hard to believe it’s almost Christmas! This list was almost done in early July, but we were so busy with bullion and the marketing companies that we supply I was afraid to have it printed. That was because we just don’t have the manpower (mostly woman power) to handle the orders properly. We know you don’t appreciate poor service, and we are appalled when it happens.

We are still shorthanded here, but at least Flo is back from her summer sabbatical. So that makes a big difference.

Our website continues to grow with lots of pictures added by the Tennessee boys. Shows have been incredibly active even though we bring less material because of weight restrictions, and we buy large amounts of promo coins to carry or ship back. In fact, at the recent Chattanooga show (TSNS), we had to rent an SUV and drive it all back to NY. Approximately 2,000 pounds that was just too much for the Maryville Office guys to ship!

So, we have accumulated some nice collector coins and some pretty scarce items for your interest in this list. There is a better than normal selection of currency, both world and USA. Our gold and silver dollars are loaded with scarce items and there is a broad selection of Half Cents to Half Dollars. Plus, 3 pages of world coins, including a little bit of everything, and one lonely Ancient Roman. We had others but they sold in our store before I could get to the listing.

My crystal ball is broken, but it seems to be that silver bullion is awfully cheap compared to gold, with a current ratio of about 80 to 1. Many will tell you that the long-term ratio up until the turn of the century was 16 to 1. I doubt we will ever see that again, but the more realistic ratio of 40 or 50 to 1 is quite possible if this financial world ever gets back to normalcy.

Anyhow, it looks like there will be no special Christmas list this year, but I do expect a January Sampler. So let me wish you all an early but very Merry Christmas and Great Blessing in the New Year!

Happy Collecting!
Joan, Harry, Debbie, Flo, Joe J, Joe M, Matt, Samantha, Mary, Amanda, Pete and Joshua



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