COVID Update

Hi Folks!

Some big changes are coming!  With the Covid-19 Pandemic creating some significant disruptions over the last few months, we’ve used some of that time to start to overhaul operations here at MM. It’s been quite a challenge, as last month the software provider we have used for several years stopped support for the program we use. So, several months ago, we began a migration to another more user-friendly platform and newer up to date accounting/invoicing in order to improve our ability to stay on top of inventory, and to bring products online more seamlessly. For months, we’ve had ongoing problems with inventory management since the number of different items we handle (over 30,000) is greater than the capacity of most available inventory/accounting programs. Moving to the new accounting system, it took over two months to get the first successful inventory upload! We are now in the process of doing a physical inventory to correct many errors that were caused during this transition. We are by no means done; it is a slow grinding process.

Realistically we expect to be running smoothly by summers end, hopefully sooner. What you should expect currently is that no orders are totally automatic and must be verified by email or phone. We appreciate your patience and understanding. We realize it can be frustrating and believe me we are at wits end trying to fix this situation.

Reopening Protocol

We have been functioning during this Covid 19 Pandemic with a skeleton staff and some working from home. Ironically, we have been busier than ever with both Bullion (yes, we have live Gold & Silver) and numismatic sales. We are allowing customers on premises by appointment only with strict social distancing and masks only. One person at a time strictly adhered too. Unfortunately for the safety of both our customers and staff we cannot allow browsing. You must call in your wants and we will have them ready at the appointed time for a prompt review. Mail, phone and email orders are usually processed same day, Monday thru Friday.  We expect to continue this current policy well into the fall, at least until there is a reliable medical protocol available for everybody’s safety.

We wish you all good health…  and, as always, thanks so much for your patience through all of this.


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