February 19, 2022

The Winter 2022 Sampler is here!

Hi Folks,
Well, we’ve made it to the New Year! God it’s Mid-February already and it seems like the year just started last week. This Sampler #325 was 98% done a month ago but we were not able to give good service since we were so far behind. All because of Covid and other health related staffing issues.

So, I held back on publication. Right now, Joan and I are in the air heading to California for the Long Beach Coin Expo. Today is our 53rd wedding anniversary, I don’t know why she makes me travel for business on our anniversary. Her devotion is simply amazing! The other day we were discussing the trip with a store customer, and she said “Oh, that’s great you get to go everywhere”. I responded that Joan and I had recently discussed it and we figured that we have been to Long Beach about 120 times. Ugh! In recent years the real allure is stopping in Nashville on the way back to visit our granddaughters. It looks like we won’t be going to LB for the June Show since they moved it to the end of June. Our granddaughters come to visit at that time for several weeks. Some of them take sailing lessons right down the block from our house for 4 weeks+.

This list has a lot of varied material in it. The US section seems smaller but notice I have doubled up to two different dated coins on a line in many cases. Note the second date is bold to avoid mistakes. There is a large selection of world coins and probably the biggest section of currency we have ever had. Unfortunately, one of our oldest customers, a friendly Polish man recently passed away. He had boxes of all sorts of currency nearly all certified by CGA. Where we agreed with their grade, we just listed it and where we did not, we listed our grade as well but left them in the holders. When they were way off, we cut them out.

Our website project continues, and I believe the guys in Tenn. are near 90% completion on the photos. We continue to have some erroneous sold items relisted and are still trying to manage that issue, but most are correct. So now I hit the send button to our printer and tomorrow morning one or two of our beloved staff will point out my mistakes or typo’s. It’s like having more than one wife!

Happy Collecting!
Joan, Harry, Debbie, Flo, Joe J, Joe M, Matt, Samantha, Mary, Amanda, Pete, Tony, and Joshua


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